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Alumio is a cloud-native, low-code iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) that helps connect two or multiple SaaS, cloud apps, on-premises systems, and data sources. As an API-led solution, it helps create, monitor, and manage these integrations via a user-friendly interface, without the hassles of custom code.

Synchronizing data between all integrated systems, Alumio enables real-time data exchange and helps build complex workflows to trigger event-based process automation. As a low-code solution, the platform also provides developer-friendly advanced integration features and data transformers for limitless customization. Alumio also provides a rich library of connectors (pre-configured data) to build faster integrations with popular solutions like e-commerce platforms, ERP systems, PIM, CRM, Marketing apps, and more.

Centralizing all integrations, data, and APIs in one secure cloud space, Alumio eliminates data silos and ensures holistic data security while helping orchestrate future-proof data ecosystems. Our platform is ISO 27001 certified and helps enterprises comply with privacy legislation like GDPR, SOC2, CCPA, HIPAA & FERPA.